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Spencers Christmas open 2015 was won by Karl Sutton for the 3rd time in the row. Was a very strong field on the day and Karl beat Carl clack in the final with live streaming to the net available all day. We had 32 runners with group stages and the top 2 from each going threw to the last 16 k.o. Results below 

Spencer Jones wins the 8ball open taking home £500. The final day of the 16 week qualifiers was a great day, live streaming to the net and an arena made just for the final. Spencer beat Lee fuller in the final 9-5, results from the day below.

Another Great day was had in April for Spencer`s 8ball tournament with Andrew Moore coming out on top beating Carl Clack in the final, the next £250 tournament will be in June.


CARL CLACK     5    V     ANDY BROWN      4

JAY BULLENT    5    V     ANDY RUDD       2 
TIMMY RIPKEY   5    V     JOHN EGAN       4
ANDY MOORE     5    V    CALVIN MILLER    1 


CHRIS MINNS    5    V    MARTIN WOOD      3
ANDY MOORE     5    V     KIRK TOWERS     1


ANDY MOORE     6    V     CHRIS MINNS     2
CARL CLACK     6    V     JAY BULLENT     5


ANDY MOORE     6    V     CARL CLACK      0

Spencer`s 8Ball xmas open was another great tournamnet, we had 42 entries on December 28th. Karl Sutton came out on top beating Jason Ford in the final. A great day was had by all and the next tournamnet will be febuary 21st.

Jason Ford        6          v            Dave Willimott          4
Andrew Moore      6          v            Shaun Chipperfield      2
Karl Sutton       6          v            Mark Nichols            0
Adam Beales       6          v            Carl Clack              5
Mark Bolton       6          v            Shane Gardner           2
Ben Annison       6          v            Timmy Ripkey            3
Paul Arnett       6          v            Alex Lewis              5
Keith Paler       6          v            Jack Nickerson          0
Jason Ford        6          v            Adam Beales             3
Andrew Moore      6          v            Ben Annison             3
Keith Paler       6          v            Mark Bolton             3
Karl Sutton       6          v            Paul Arnett             3
Karl Sutton       6          v            Andrew Moore            2
Jason Ford        6          v            Keith Paler             5
KARL SUTTON       6          v            Jason Ford              0


Spencers Sports bar held an 8ball open tournament sat with 40 entrys, there was
8 groups of 5 players and the winner took home £250. Well Done to Mark Soanes on
coming out on top, Results from the day below:

Last 16
Kingsley Peck                2     v        Lee Fuller         6
Brendan Starbuck             0     v        Paul Stone         6
Andrew Moore                 5     v        Andrew Brown       6
Keith Paler                  4     v        Alex Lewis         6
Shaun Glover                 1     v        Daniel Glover      6
John Martin                  4     v        Dean Goodrum       6
Leroy Bayfield               2     v        Mark Soanes        6
Spencer Jones                3     v        Tommy Lewis        6

Last 8
Dean Goodrum                 4     v        Alex Lewis         6
Andrew Brown                 3     v        Lee Fuller         6
Tommy Lewis                  4     v        Mark Soanes        6
Daniel Glover                1     v        Paul Stone         6

Semi Final
Lee Fuller                   5     v        Mark Soanes        6
Paul Stone                   0     v        Alex Lewis         6
Alex Lewis                   5     v        Mark Soanes        6


 Another great turn out at Spencers Sports Bar with 40 entrys all competing for
£250 winning prize. Well done to Shaun Chipperfield who came out on top on the
Tournament results below

Last 16
Adam Beales         6   v   Joby Jennings        1
Kirk Towers         6   v   Brendan Starbuck     1
Martin Weed         6   v   Mark Bolton          4
Shaun Chipperfield  6   v   Keith Paler          1
Timmy Ripkey        6   v   Joe Parker           4
Tom Burrell         6   v   John Martin          4
Paul Stone          6   v   Mark Soanes          4
Kingsley Peck       6   v   Ryan  Starkey        1

Last 8
Kirk Towers         6   v   Adam  Beales         1
Timmy Ripkey        6   v   Martin Weed          1
Tom Burrell         6   v   Paul Stones          5
Shaun Chipperfield  6   v   Kingsley Peck        4

Semi Final
Shaun Chipperfield  6   v   Kirk Towers          5
Timmy Ripkey        6   v   Tom Burrelll         5

Shaun Chipperfield  6   v   Timmy Ripkey         2






A great turn out at Spencers Sports Bar for my 2nd 8ball tournament, I had 40 entrys only open to local pub players. They were divided into 8 groups of 5 with the top 2 of each group going threw to the last 16 all playing for the winning prize of £250. The day was enjoyed by everyone and some great pool was played throughout the day. all players are looking forward to the next event. 

Results from the day:


last 16

 Mike Bolton 2 v Dave thraxton 6


Brendan Starbuck 1 v Keith Paler 6


Shane Bucholz 4 v Luke Wassell 6


Joby Jennings 3 v Mick Mcmaster 6


Lee Cubbit 2 v Robert Ashton 6


Sean Gates 2 v Andrew Moore 6


Danny Glover 4 v Kingsley Peck 6


Gary Goodrum 2 v Paul Stone 6


Last 8


Luke Wassell 5 v Andrew Moore 6


Dave Thraxton 5 v Kingsley Peck 6


Robert Ashton 4 v Mick Mcmaster 6


Keith Paler 4 v Paul Stone 6



Semi Finals


Paul Stone 2 v Kingsley Peck 6


Mick Mcmaster 1 v Andrew Moore 6





Andrew Moore 3 v Kingsley Peck 6


A great turn out at Spencers Sports Bar on 28th december for the xmas 8ball open. Had 40 entrys featuring some of the best players in the uk, current world champion & an england International. They were divided into 8 groups of 5 with the top 2 of each group going threw to the last 16 all playing for the winning prize of £250. The standard was at its highest all day and was enjoyed by everyone, this is just 1 of many tournaments that Spencer has planned for 2014.


Results from the day:


last 16


Dave Thraxton 1 v Karl Sutton 6


Tony Rumball 2 v Spencer Jones 6


Luke Wassell 3 v Keith Paler 6


Sam Carter 0 v Andrew Moore 6


Timmy Ripkey 4 v Shaun Chipperfield 6


Adam Beales 1 v Tom Cousins 6


Daniel Glover 1 v Alex Lewis 6


Gary Lee 1 v Paul Stone 6


Last 8


Paul Stone 2 v Tom Cousins 6


Spencer Jones 5 v Alex Lewis 6


Keith Paler 4 v Shaun Chipperfieldn 6


Andrew Moore 5 v Karl Sutton 6


Semi Finals


Shaun Chipperfield 4 v Tom Cousins 6


Alex Lewis 3 v Karl Sutton 6




Tom Cousins 5 v Karl Sutton 6

SPENCER'S SPORTS BAR was a proud sponsor of an 8ball pool team put together with the best players from Norfolk & Suffolk. The 8ball event was in Stoke on Trent and was called THE MASTERS, it is one of the biggest tournaments in the country with other top teams competing from all over. It was held at PLAYERS POOL CLUB owned by Lee Kendall and Gareth Potts, 2 of the worlds leading players. All the lads from the side played extremly well all over the weekend and am proud to say we lost in the final 10-8 to Gareth potts side. The final could have gone either way when it got to 8-8 but the staffordshire side edged the win. We will definately be coming back next year!


The team was :


Spencer Jones

Karl Sutton

Sean Chipperfield

Aiden Owens

Mark Bolton

Alex Lewis

Peter Mullany

Robbie Dixon

Dean Goodrum



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